Can I Submit An Interview?
Yes. You can submit an interview by using our ‘Submit An Interview’ link, which can be found by clicking the menu button in the top right.

Can I Suggest A Profile?
Yes. Send us an email about the person or music band you think we should add to: [email protected]

Why Is The Date You Have Different From The Date On The Video / Podcast / Article?
For every interview and appearance we add to a person or band’s profile, we try to make sure the date we associate the interview with is the date that it actually took place, not when it was published. Sometimes publications can hold onto interviews for months or even years, and by doing some research, we try to find the real date for each interview.

Why Isn’t An Interview Listed On A Profile?
There are a few reasons why we may not have an interview listed on a profile. 1. We simply haven’t got around to adding it yet. There’s millions of interviews out there, and we’re only just getting started. 2. We want to create the most accurate interview database, so if we don’t have the correct date of the interview, we often delay adding it until we do.